Our Beer Other Than Here

  • Currently we self distribute, and our Delicious Beer is in many Bars/Restaurants/Clubs/Bottle Shops.
    Hopefully it is in one near you. If not, ask the Bar Manager to call us and get your favorite in there!
    You can also take home our delicious beers in an assortment of keg sizes, growlers, crowlers, and now 12oz BOTTLES

You can find our beer outside of our Pub in these great establishments – subject to change

One thought on “Our Beer Other Than Here

  1. The Berwick Lager is a real winner. Although robust and complex, it leaves no heavy flavors on the tongue. The finish is clean and crisp as it should be in a lager. I’m guessing they used Hallertau hops in the recipe. They did a really good job with the yeast and lagering process. Today I went to Weis in Bloomsburg and bought four six packs (had to make two separate purchases to do so). It’s great to see a local brewery making lagers.

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